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The Digital Insurer in Africa

Author, reader, movie-goer?

The story of digital insurance in Africa is being written right now and if you are someone involved or interested in insurance on the African continent, you have an important choice.

Will you be one of the team of contributing authors, someone who waits to read the finished book or even (as our industry seems to do so often) wait till the movie is released … on DVD?  The choice is yours and by not making an active choice, you’ve chosen to be a spectator.

Are you a passive observer, hoping you’ll be swept along by the waves of change before you’re left behind or an active participant, helping to make our industry an indispensable part of addressing many of the challenges facing our continent?

I’m excited to be part of the team at The Digital Insurer, where we continue to build a global community of people thinking, breathing and living digital in the insurance sector.  This community will enable us to connect people interested in all things digital insurance with insightful, useful information and facilitators to move our industry (kicking and screaming if necessary) into the digital age.

TDI in Africa – What is there to look forward to?

It is true that the many of the issues facing the insurance industry are global (so there is much we can learn from other regions) however Africa as a region has its own unique challenges and opportunities and a number of people are backing Africa as the region that will create that disruptive step-change in the switch to digital insurance models on a mass scale.

The Digital Insurer chooses to be one of the large pool of co-authors of the digital insurance story and aims to be a catalyst and activist in accelerating the digital transformation of insurance across the African continent.

Africa Round-Up is the first step on this journey, a platform around which we can grow an Afro-centric digital insurance view of the continent, drawing from as many markets and countries’ stories as possible.

To succeed we will need a strong network of correspondents to ensure all active markets are adequately covered.  If you think this is a role you’d like to play, read on in the section below.

We already have a number of items in our library that relate to Africa and I don’t believe it will take long to build up a meaningful body of African focussed materials which could become a go-to resource as it has for the Asia region.

We have found that an important part of the digital conversation are our popular webinars, where experts and people who ‘have done it’ are able to share and interact with the wider audience, sharing their experiences and wisdom.  If you are keen to sponsor one of these events, please do get in touch!

We also plan to maintain our approach of media mix and I am keen to seek out personalities and initiatives we can showcase through our Digital Insurance In-Action series which includes snippets, In-Views and case studies delivered in a mix of media styles.

Global Livefest 2018

You may well already have seen that an exciting event coming up in November will be our Digital Insurance Global LiveFest 2018, the world’s largest 100% virtual Festival on Digital Insurance.  This event is 100% FREE to attend!

The event runs every Friday for the month of November with 4 sessions focussed on each of our regions and a global session tying it all together on the 30th November.  Our regional Africa sub-event will be on 23rd November and a single free registration will give you access to all the events.

One of the biggest benefits of the fully digital and virtual format is that anyone can attend from anywhere without the cost or complexities of travel! It also means you don’t need to fight your colleagues for a seat – you can all join in!  Your registration will give you access to all the regional events, recordings and the virtual exhibition centre as well.  Unless you don’t register, you can’t lose!

The team is hard at work setting things up and we have a great line-up with panel sessions “Digital Microinsurance – Reaching New Insurance Consumers” and “Distribution, Underwriting and Claims in a digital world” and of course, our finalist pitches in the 2 award categories.

Award Finalists

There was strong competition in our two regional award categories with the following being our finalists for the Africa region:

Startup InsurTech Award Insurance Innovation Award
Hepstar Meerkat
Imburse Microensure
Inclusivity Solutions Nedbank Insurance
Pineapple Sunu Assurance

Good luck to you all and here’s hoping one of you win the global category too!  Remember that voting for the winners will happen live on the 23rd so don’t miss the opportunity to cast yours.

News Correspondents

To help us bring you the most up to date, pertinent and useful information about Africa, we have a small but growing group of volunteer News Correspondents in locations across the continent.  We are always looking to grow that group to ensure we are able to offer balanced continental coverage.  If you are keen to learn more and possibly get involved, find out more about becoming a News Correspondent.

Up and Running!

I’m excited that TDI Africa is now up and running and we look forward to bringing you news and views from around the African continent and over time making contact with you directly.  If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please do get in touch.

If you or your company would like to contribute to our journey and benefit from the reach our audience provides, we’d be happy to discuss sponsorship opportunities.  Drop me a line if you’d like to learn more our Sponsor opportunities.

We do hope you find this a worthwhile read.

Yours Digitally,



Andrew de Kock

Head of Africa





Working together to accelerate the digital transformation of insurance

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