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Please read the Administrative Guidelines below carefully and click the MARK COMPLETE button after reading.

By clicking the MARK COMPLETE button, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the guidelines stated herein.

About The Course

Tech Enablers is the second course conducted for the CDI programme. It provides eight different lessons to explain and explore some of the key technologies transforming insurance.


You will have been registered for this course automatically. Please contact us if you wish to recommend your friends or colleagues to attend this course.

Mark Complete

To qualify for the Programme, you need to mark complete each topic within each lesson. Note that the MARK COMPLETE button is only available after you have watched the videos. Once you have completed the topics, quiz and feedback for a lesson, do mark complete that lesson as well.

Course Progression

In order to pass the Course, you must view all the lesson material, complete the quiz, and complete the feedback sections.

Programme Certificate

On successful completion of the CDI Programme, meaning after completing a minimum of 28 lessons in line with the associated criteria (see above), a certificate will be electronically issued to you within two weeks of completing.

Contact Information

For administrative matters, please contact



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