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TDI virtual events and webinars – How your feedback is helping us continue to innovate

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Over the last four years we have had more than 20,000 people register for over 60 hours of live events on digital insurance and InsurTech innovation. To help us continue to innovate these virtual events and webinars we recently conducted a member survey to get your feedback.

What you told us

  • You like the current format of four panellists with short presentations and Q&A
  • You value the quality of the panellists and the knowledge they bring
  • You are open for us to innovate formats and try new options

Watch a short presentation of the survey findings in full below, which includes our TDI virtual event plan, or read the highlights in the article below the video.


Slides from the video:

What we plan to do

  1. Current virtual event format: Basically sound but we are going to tighten the format by having presentations at the start followed by one longer round of Q&A and polls. We will experiment with some open discussion sessions at the end of webinars as well.
  2. New formats:
    1. Practical solution-focused – You like the idea of an ‘insights to solutions’ series concept we mentioned, and our plan is to launch this series with our partners in North America in June
    2. Specialist discussions – You liked the idea of shorter sessions with interview of a single speaker. Our TDI Talks! format works well for this, and we will think about how we evolve this further and give it more visibility
    3. Monthly podcast – You liked the idea of a TDI monthly podcast, so we will start planning and let you know when we launch
    4. Networking events – We already do a large number of invite-only physical network sessions. We are evaluating software to allow better networking online.

What virtual events do you have coming up?

Please check our virtual event page for the latest and simply register for those of interest.

How do we finance TDI virtual events?

We are fortunate to have alternative sources of revenue that allow us to carry out webinars and virtual events for free. We also have some great long-term sponsors such as Swiss Re and KPMG who sponsor webinars, as well as tech companies that want to get their message out. Our Corporate Members enable us to put on member-only lunch and learn events. Lastly, we do a number of ‘pro-bono’ webinars with partners who share the same values as us, and where we can add value by “working together to accelerate the digital transformation of insurance”.

So, the TDI virtual event model works because people attending get a great experience, and we attract sponsors and partners supporting, because they also have a great experience as a result.

Contact us to find out how to sponsor a virtual event


































Video Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi, I’m Terry, the founder of the digital insurer. Uh, the short presentation is all about virtual events and webinars. We’ve conducted a short survey. I wanted to share those results with you, um, and also talk about, um, what our plans are to innovate the format further based on that for feedback and some of our own thinking.

[00:00:20] First of all, I guess I wanted to sort of thank everyone who’s maybe attended a webinar. Come on. Webinar as a panelist or sponsored a webinar, because essentially, you know, great virtual events is all about people. It’s people bringing great ideas. There’s people willing to take time out of their day to listen.

[00:00:39] So I guess we’re here off the backs of everyone’s support as well. So, in terms of history, you know, we, we really like, um, virtual events. We started, um, a webinar format more than four years ago. We’ve done over 30 webinars with more than 15,000 registrations over [00:01:00] that period. We did a couple of physical events.

[00:01:03] The last one was in 2017 and then we made a very conscious decision that we wanted to explore a virtual events. So we started doing sort of larger scale events online. We put our. Award programs. So the InsureTech award program and the insurer innovation program went online, and we’ve probably had over 20,000 people register for the events that we’ve held over the last three years.

[00:01:28] So we’re very pleased with that. We’ve learned a lot as we’ve gone along. Um, and the next one actually is in, in June. So I have a look on the site, um, for the 2020. Uh, innovation award program, but we thought it was time to reach out to our members and sort of get feedback. And we do get feedback after each webinar.

[00:01:46] We thought we’d conduct a, um, you know, sort of special survey. And I want to just share some of those findings with you. So we asked you about, um. Um, what you thought of our current format. So the current format is typically three to [00:02:00] four panelists, over 60 to 75 minutes. As you can see here, a lot of people really like that format, so it works what Isaiah is.

[00:02:08] Uh, and also, uh, the NPS rating. Uh, it was plus 47%, which is pretty much an excellent a rating. So we’re very pleased with that. Um, we wanted to find out a little bit more about, you know, specific people you like. Um, so we asked, um, asked you to sort of highlight the single thing you like most, as you can see coming through here.

[00:02:29] Number one was the quality of the panelists and speakers. Uh, number two was a short presentation format. So typically, um, we have, uh, panelists who will speak for sort of five to eight minutes against her. Uh, slides. So I think he liked that, um, quite a lot. Um, but we also sort of said, well, okay, how can we improve the format a bit further?

[00:02:51] And we gave some choices. We asked you to rank, um, those choices. So I’m sharing those results with you. Um, and I’ve highlighted the ones in red [00:03:00] and I wants to talk to him and I’ll start from the one at the bottom. So the one that was most popular ranked one and two, uh, is a shorter format. Uh, 15 to 20 minutes going deeper with one speaker.

[00:03:12] Uh, and then the second most popular was the off the record discussion, the one immediately above that. And when you look over ranking one, two, and three, um, and we’ve done this a number of times at life Fest events, um, it’s been quite fun. Um, so I think we will definitely have a look at how we can bring that back in.

[00:03:29] And then the last one. Um, which wasn’t so popular rated number one, but was quite popular over the one, two, and three. Um, was a request to sort of bring in or be able to make requests for questions that the panelists will consider as well. So I have a look at how we can do that. We also asked you about new innovations that you’re interested in.

[00:03:52] Um, on the left hand side, um, we asked about a sort of what we’re calling a, uh, an insights to solution series where [00:04:00] providers will present solutions on a virtual tour. Uh, we got pretty good response on that. Most of you think it’s a great idea. Uh, most of the rest of you said sounds good, but give me some more info.

[00:04:10] And then similarly, we asked whether you’d like TDI to do a monthly podcast, and we’ve got a very similar. A results of that as the insights of solution series as well. We also had a lot of written feedback, um, around how you like the fact that the webinars are interactive with the Q and a and the polls and sort of asking us to think about how we can make them more interactive.

[00:04:33] As well. So we’ve sort of reflected on that and uh, you know, sort of revised our plans a little. I wanted to share with you really our sort of virtual events, 2020 innovation plan, as you can see here. And there’s four areas and I’ll just take you through. Uh, each of those four. So the first one is around tweaking the existing format.

[00:04:53] So I think we’re going to take the duration, um, down slightly to 60 minutes. Uh, we’ll move the Q and a and polls to the [00:05:00] end. So we still have good time for discussion. And then we’ll add on for a lot of our webinars and virtual events. So sort of. Off the record segments. So for those people that wants to stay a little bit longer and have a more informal discussion, we’ll allow that as well.

[00:05:16] And that will obviously not be recorded. And we’ll also modify our registration form to allow you to ask questions ahead of the events so we can build our question bank accordingly. Um, and then on the insights to solution series. Good news is we’ve been thinking about that one for a while, so it’s great to get positive feedback.

[00:05:35] Uh, we’ll be launching. Uh, the insights to solution series, uh, in June, uh, targeted first at the North America market. So, uh, look forward to your participation in that if it’s relevant and hope it goes down well. And then the third area of podcasts and video interviews. So we will, I plan to launch a TDI. A monthly podcast.

[00:05:56] So we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve got our beater, um, ready and [00:06:00] launched so you can have a listen to that. We’re also do more of our TDI. TDI talks, interviews, which is a video, a short form format. As well as there was some demand for that. And then last but not least, um, networking events we’ve ran over the last few years.

[00:06:16] Quite a number of small physical, uh, invite only events. Um, what we’ll do is we’ll look at how we can create in this current environment, some small group, virtual networking and events as well. Um, so we’re looking for the appropriate software. Um, to help support that and sort of make it a fun event where people can sort of meet in small groups as well as participate in some broader discussions, uh, as well.

[00:06:42] Um, and I’ll. Webinars and virtual events are either directly sponsored by individual companies, indirectly sponsored by our corporate member program. And also we do a fair number on a pro pro bono basis where we’ve got strategic partnerships and [00:07:00] alliances, um, that we want to share with you, um, and bring in, uh, an interesting perspective.

[00:07:06] Um, so things are getting pretty busy on virtual events. We are gearing up as well. So just check out on the website. Um, under the events area and see there’s a webinars and virtual events era, and you’ll see what’s her webinars are coming up. So I’ll just sign off now and I’ll thank you all for your support in this area.

[00:07:23] Thank you for the feedback. If you gave it, please do continue to give us feedback and just contact us if you’ve got any questions or comments. Thank you very much.

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