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TDI Quarterly Update Q1 2019 – Year ahead and 2018 in review

Happy New Year to you and your family and best wishes from me and the team at TDI for a successful 2019.

As it’s the New Year I wanted to use this quarterly edition to recap on TDI’s objectives, review our progress in 2018 and to lay out some of the exciting new initiatives we have planned in the year ahead.

An Inclusive Mission

As you know, TDI’s mission is “working together to accelerate to the digital transformation of insurance” and we have three accelerators to help achieve that. These are outlined in the image below.

Increasingly Global Business

TDI is becoming an increasingly global business, but with firm roots and particular strengths in Asia, which we see as the crucible of digital insurance for the next ten years.

Our member base has increased to more than 30,000 through organic growth around the world, supported by a high level of interest in our inaugural LIVEFEST event in 2018.

The chart below provides some statistics on the breadth and depth of our business and membership.

Our Corporate Supporters & Sponsors

We are very pleased to have long-term support from both KPMG and Swiss Re.

With KPMG we produce two monthly newsletters. One on InsurTech themes and one with regular articles on Digital Insurance in Action as well as a successful webinar series that has been running for three years.

With Swiss Re, we produce a monthly bilingual newsletter on China in Focus and as part of this we have just completed a three-part series on Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba’s activities in insurance.

Our corporate sponsor member programme was established in 2018 and has had strong support from the industry and we expect further growth in the programme over the year ahead. Our corporate sponsors are of course aligned to the TDI mission but, in addition, look to TDI to deliver explicit benefits to their own companies.Building Knowledge

Our first accelerator is focused on knowledge, and over the last six years we believe we have developed the world’s largest knowledge-base on digital insurance, which is a combination of original content, repurposed content and aggregated content from other reliable sources of information.

Our commitment to enhancing knowledge and sharing it with members is core to TDI and you can see from the chart below the progress made in 2018 and our plans for the year ahead.

Enhancing Community

Our second accelerator is focused on helping a community interested in digital insurance to grow and flourish.

We feel there is a lot more we can do to help this community develop and you will see from the chart below we have a number of new community orientated initiatives planned for 2019.

Helping with Execution

TDI is in a privileged position helping to connect people and companies together who are interested in accelerating the digital transformation of insurance. As a result, we are often the first to see where service opportunities exist to provide new solutions that help community members to achieve their digital transformation goals faster, better, more effectively, or a combination thereof!

So, we are committed to bringing new solutions to our members, either directly ourselves or increasingly via a partnership with other market-leading service providers around the world. This is our third accelerator.

In 2018 we launched three initiatives covering corporate membership, research, and analytics services on InsurTechs as well as tech market development services.

In 2019 we plan to enhance these services and also introduce a new marketplace service to allow InsurTechs to present themselves on a global stage to potential buyers. We also hope to make some first steps in digital learning and digital customer insights.


Thank you to all our members for their personal and corporate interest and support during 2018.

I hope you like the plans we have in place. As usual please do give us your feedback.

We are always looking out for people who want to get involved and contribute their expertise to help accelerate the digital transformation of insurance so please let us know if you have some ideas on how you’d like to join our community.

Yours digitally,

Hugh Terry

The Digital Insurer


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