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Asia InsurTech Report: Will the InsurTech asteroid cause the extinction of traditional insurance? An Asian perspective



We’ve partnered with leading Asia analyst, Paul Schulte, to be the exclusive distributor of his new Asia InsurTech report, Will the InsurTech Asteroid Cause the Extinction of Traditional Insurance? An Asian Perspective. Paul’s report provides a highly informative view on the world of InsurTech and dives into what is happening specifically in Asia and what that means for traditional insurers.

The main topics addressed in the report are:

  • The problem – Insurers are not ready for the digital revolution
  • How traditional insurance is being disrupted
  • The InsurTech ecoystem
  • How insurers are responding to the threats
  • InsurTech in China

The report also contains five in-depth case studies on InsurTech companies that are considered to be major disruptors:

  • Pingan
  • Zhongan
  • BIMA 
  • Trov
  • Lemonade 

Product Description

Licence options:

  • Individual/country licence – let’s you and your team access the report in your country only
  • Regional corporate licence – for insurers operating within the region – allows you to share the report within your region
  • Global licence – for insurers operating globally – allows you to share the report globally

For further information on the report, please contact us.