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An Introduction to the Six Key Disciplines that deliver Outstanding Digital Marketing Performance

Digital marketing, online marketing, internet marketing – call it what you will but, for many, it remains a muddied mine-field of over-promised and under-delivered campaigns, where media fragmentation and complexity reign.

Often the world is offered and companies partner with agencies on digital marketing campaigns without answering a few key questions – without considering all the elements that contribute to the creation of a campaign that will not only deliver the leads required but, also, help a company improve its overall understanding of its business and its customers.

Digital marketing is so much more than putting out a few advertisements on Baidu, Yahoo or Google and then hoping for the best or just executing the pre-ordained plan until the budget runs out . . . it is a science that requires a deep and evolving understanding of what role each discipline plays in the overall return on marketing investment, whilst managing your Brand values.

 A Performance-Marketing Content Alliance

In partnership with The Digital Insurer, Clicks2Customers will be providing you with all the information you need to understand the core foundations of digital marketing. Over the coming year, our team of digital experts will be releasing a set of mini-series on each of the following topics designed to deepen your understanding and to get to the crux of what it takes to be successful in each discipline.

1. Effective Website Design
• How User Experience plays a significant role in lead conversion
• The critical importance of a mobile-friendly website

2. Digital Strategy and Campaign Objectives
• Discussing key elements that make up a good Digital Strategy

3. Driving traffic to your site
• Defining disciplines like SEM, SEO, Display marketing (including RTB) and Social Media
• Discussing the effective deployment of solutions that are relevant for your business

4. M-Commerce
• 84% of mobile users access social media and other platforms to influence buying decisions – how to ensure you are part of the conversation.

5. Social Media Marketing
• Failing to embrace the power of social media is not an option. Which platform is right for your business, however, is another discussion altogether.

6. Analytics and lead conversion
• Constant, accurate, analytics of campaigns and overall business online is required to maximize ROI and pinpoint problem areas in business.
• Running your business with a sales funnel approach to lead generation
• In a multiple touch point and device world – this is not as simple as it seems.

Each mini-series (six in total) will span over a two month period.

Month one will be a masterclass, deepening your understanding of the topic at hand. The following month we will showcase Clicks2Customers’ approach to the discipline, highlighting practical examples and best-practices from around the world and, of course, from our own client performances.

By the end of the year your company’s marketers will have a clearer understanding of what it takes to increase campaign performance by 100%, 200% and, even, 300% – and your CEOs and CFOs will have a good idea of what they should be expecting from their marketing investment.

Experience. Expertise. Excellence

The aim of this content series is to educate, to enlighten and, if possible, to entertain.

We welcome your suggestions and feedback on topics as published and encourage you to take part and get involved in the discussions. The more we talk and learn from each other, the better for our industry at large and we will all benefit from sharing knowledge and experience in the long run.

For 10 years, Clicks2Customers has delivered high-return campaigns in the field the digital marketing performance and, while our knowledge is extensive we are proud to learn new lessons every day . . . and  we look forward to sharing those lessons with the readers of The Digital Insurer. .

You are invited to share your questions on this topic with us and we’ll make every effort to provide answers in our next article.

We look forward to engaging with you.



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