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Digital Insurance monthly news for Prudential Malaysia – September 2020

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Latest From Prudential

For many organisations, the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to be a prolonged and challenging journey. Even as a semblance of normalcy begins to take shape, organisations…

Huami Corp. and Huami-USA (NYSE: HMI), a healthcare services company whose mission is to connect health with technology, and Prudential Corporation Asia (Prudential), a leading insurer and asset manager…
Taiwan News

Pulse by Prudential, a mobile health app currently available in 11 Asian countries, recently added a feature providing a science-backed activity metric for heart health developed by PAI Health.

This episode tackles the importance of managing your wealth and planning your legacy. It is brought to you by Opus by Prudential, which is Prudential’s unique approach to wealth management…
The Straits Times
InsurTech Directory – Dynamic InsurTech Map
The idea of the Dynamic InsurTech Landscape Map came about when we realised there was a lack of easily accessible information about InsurTechs and a map without links is just not a very useful map in a digital world! So we have linked every logo in the map to our InsurTech Directory which provides more information about each company and allows people to get more connected easily. So click away on the logos below to get into the details of the InsurTech scene in Singapore & Hong Kong.

Singapore’s InsurTech Map

Hong Kong’s InsurTech Map
Industry Watch

The amount of money invested in InsurTechs during the first half of 2020 remained remarkably robust at nearly $2.2 billion, despite the economic fallout and general uncertainty prompted by the COVID-19 outbreak..

The rapid response by insurers to the COVID-19 pandemic has shown them to be far more agile and innovative than many industry observers expected. Insurance providers quickly rolled out a host of solutions tailored…

In collaboration with the Forum’s Insurance & Asset Management Industry Action Group, the World Economic Forum and Bain & Company have developed a new framework for the insurance and asset management industry …
Bain & Company

Great Eastern and Singtel have announced their partnership to launch a range of general insurance products spanning home, motor and travel, jointly developed by both companies. These innovative insurance offerings, underwritten by Great Eastern…
Asia Insurance Review

AIA, the largest public listed pan-Asian life insurance group announced earlier this month that they are forming an exclusive Asia-Pacific (APAC) partnership with data science and healthcare technology company Holmusk.
Mobi Health News

ETIQA Family Takaful Bhd aims to grow its Islamic insurance for family coverage business in the regional markets of Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia and the Philippines.“There are plans to expand the family takaful business…
The Malaysian Reserve

Hong Leong Assurance Bhd is offering complimentary retrenchment benefits to its policyholders, specifically those whose livelihoods have been adversely affected by business closures and retrenchment
The Edge Markets
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Topic Monitor: Technology Enabler – Cyber Security & Data Privacy

The number of cyber insurance claims is growing faster than the number of policies across Europe, as increasingly digitalised organisations remain vulnerable to malicious cyber attacks. This is according to new research from Marsh, Wavestone and law firm CMS.

Trading on New Zealand’s stock exchange was disrupted last week, following four straight days of repeated cyberattacks that resulted in outages affecting debt, equities, and derivatives markets.
The National Law Review

Brokers and insurers should expect an upswing in cyber insurance demand, if they haven’t seen it already, as the workforce shifts in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of reports suggest.
Canadian Underwriter
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This month we explore ecosystems, and lessons learnt from China’s success in this exciting area for digital insurance. In many ways ecosystems offer hope to an industry struggling to transform in a digital world confined by strict regulation and legacy technology platforms.

In this TDI Point of View, The Digital Insurer’s Hugh Terry and Simon Phipps consider the future of the insurance advisor in Asia, and present the OMNI Advisor Model as a strategic approach to reinventing face-to-face insurance advice in an increasingly digital world.
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