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Digital Insurance monthly news for KPMG Singapore – August 2020


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Latest From KPMG
During the last few months, organizations have faced extreme supply chain challenges that have stretched capabilities to the breaking point due to COVID-19. In response to those challenges and ongoing pressures to be profitable, flexible, and cost-efficient, business models…
The immediate effects of COVID-19 on office, commercial space and central business districts are by now fairly clear. Even in places where offices have reopened, signs suggests that few ‘white collar’ workers will fully return to the traditional 9-to-5 day at a commercial office.
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to reconsider the link between environment, society, good governance and profit. That has sharpened minds on the need for greater focus on ESG criteria and investments. Many also now see the disruption as an opportunity…
Now that restrictions start to ease, business have an opportunity to balance the needs of continuing to be diligent in the prevention and contagion of COVID-19, whilst capturing and capitalising on some of the benefits gained by proactively shaping their new reality.
TDI’s InsurTech Directory – The World’s Insurtech Database
Enabling you to spend more time learning and connecting,
 and less time searching
TDI’s Insurtech Directory (ITD), the most complete, searchable listing of InsurTechs worth exploring, makes searches more efficient. You spend less time searching & more time learning, evaluating & talking. You can search by geography and solutions offered. TDI Talks! videos provide another way to learn about how InsurTechs might help address your business priorities as well as providing deeper insight into InsurTechs, their thought-leaders and solutions. This month Wellthy Therapeutics explain how they are helping reduce the impact of chronic diseases like Diabetes. Click here to learn more about ITD and TDI Talks!
Industry Watch
In the backdrop of ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, deployment of technology can help realty developers enhance efficiency with time, cost and quality across the value chain, especially in designing,
The Economic Times
The insurance industry has experienced its share of technological disruption over the past ten years. As widespread smartphone adoption made it easier for consumers to submit images of collisions in support of auto insurance claims..
Consumer behaviors are settling into a new normal, as people everywhere learn to live with the reality of COVID-19 and as more countries reopen parts of their economies. Although the pandemic’s impact has varied across regions, five themes…
McKinsey & Company
A robust technical infrastructure and end-to-end digital processes (“paper-less”) are key elements to safeguard productivity during disastrous events. First-response actions such as implementing business continuity plans…
Prudential Corporation Asia and PAI Health announced that PAI Health’s science-backed activity metric for heart health, known as Personal Activity Intelligence, will be featured in the Pulse by Prudential (Pulse) digital health app..
AIA, the largest publicly listed Asian life insurance company, will host an online health and wellness event for 13 markets headlined by global ambassador David Beckham. AIA Live will seek to deliver health and wellness content to inspire
Manulife Hong Kong has launched two new critical illness plans dubbed ManuBright Care 2 and ManuBright Care 2 Plus.These plans are designed to offer well-rounded and continuous protection for customers up to the age of 100..
Life Insurance International
Hong Kong people are known to be highly stressed with long working hours, making it increasingly difficult to achieve healthy living. As a trusted partner to our customers, AXA Hong Kong launches “AXA BetterMe” a holistic wellness platform…
UnderwriteMe and Aviva have announced that the insurance firm will use UnderwriteMe’s Underwriting Rules Engine (URE). This applies to all of Aviva’s business in Ireland in 2020. The URE provides Aviva underwriters..
Life Insurance International
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Topic Monitor: Technology Enabler – Underwriting & Fulfillment
When it comes to understanding the impact and benefits of digital transformation in financial services, one of the most significant areas to focus on in life insurance is underwriting. It sits at the heart of the insurance business model…
Digital Insurance
While data is at the core of every underwriting decision, for many insurance organisations using that data efficiently is a manual and time-consuming process. From legacy software systems to custom-built databases…
Insurance Post
In the real estate market, it is often said that the three most important factors are location, location and location. For underwriting, it is essential to also have data on many specific characteristics…
Insurance Thought Leadership
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Our in-depth explores how insurers that offer flexible products can benefit at a time….
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