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Progressive’s Snapshot® Programme

In View Summary


Customers can save up to 30% off their premium by using Progrssive’s Snapshot telematics device which monitors customers’ driving habits

Progressive was one of the first insurers in the US to launch its Pay-As-You-Drive programme, “Snapshot” in 2011. The telematics-driven UBI programme uses a small telematics device that plugs into your vehicle and monitors customers’ driving habits. If a customer qualifies as low-risk, they can save up to 30% on Progressive’s standard premium rates.

The Snapshot device monitors three things:

  • How many miles you drive
  • When you drive
  • How often you slam on the brakes

Customers who sign up to Snapshot receive a small device that easily plugs into their car. They can then log into their personal Snapshot page to track their own driving behaviour and their potential savings on a daily basis. After 30 days, participants get a premium quote from Progressive that includes a personalised discount based on their actual driving behaviour, which they can then compare to the rate they are currently paying with their existing insurer.

To take the Snapshot innovation one step further, Progressive has recently partnered with Censio, a software firm dedicated to developing mobile technologies for usage-based insurance, to develop and help pilot the new mobile version of the Snapshot programme. According to Progressive, the app will be made available to select customers in mid-September, and will be available for mass consumption in 2016.

The decision to work with Censio and build a mobile replacement for our device is a big transformation of our brand,” says Dave Pratt, general manager of usage-based insurance for Progressive. “The newer phones have better battery life and sensors, and offer pretty accurate measurements. We were working on that three years ago, but weren’t able to succeed with that. This will be much cheaper for us and we intend to turn that into more discounts for consumers. And I hope that more people will sign up.

Reported Benefits

Snapshot certainly creates significant value for both customers and the insurer. Firstly, it orients Progressive customers to drive safely both psychologically through self appraisal reports and physically through real-time warning mechanisms like beeps at sudden breaking, decreasing the total number of accidents. Secondly, it helps identify safe drivers and rewards them for their good driving behaviour ultimately reducing the overall claims cost for insurers. Other benefits of snapshot program are:

Benefits to Customers

  • Optimally priced policies and safe driving rewards
  • Driver self appraisal
  • Enhanced claims experience
  • Emergency Assistance

Benefits to the Insurer

  • Transition from educated guesses to fact based underwriting
  • Reduced claims costs
  • Improved customer and brand loyalty
  • Improved competitive edge

The Digital Insurer's View

Progresisve has clearly sensed the direction of telematics by leveraging the sensor capabilities of smart phones to help aggregate driver data. Similar to other UBI offerings, consumers benefit from personalisation with a lower policy cost, minimal privacy issues and no obligation to use it. The new mobile app will also help Progressive gain more market share and lure away good drivers from its competitors. Furthermore, mobile apps will enable Progressive to innovate and create more value by leveraging smart phone capabilities which will otherwise not be possible with the telematics device. For example, besides advising on driving behaviour, apps can create further value in terms of real-time fuel consumption and periodic vehicle maintenance alerts. Besides these incremental innovations, we feel that the combination of mobility and telematics will be the marriage of the future in terms of UBI, not withstanding the emergence of automated cars.



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