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Halodoc completes strategic funding round, as it continues to expand portfolio of services

In View Summary

Halodoc was founded in 2017 in Indonesia with an aim to merge two separate business units which catered to teleconsultation with healthcare professionals and pharmacy deliveries.

Haladoc has a partner network of 20,000 doctors and 1,000 pharmacies who can be accessed through its mobile application by its 2 million userbases. It has teamed with more than 1,400 hospitals and healthcare providers in Indonesia to improve the hospital visit experience. The partnership provides customers with shortened wait times at the pharmacy post-appointment and a cashless hospital visit through linking of insurance benefits. For insurance, Haladoc has partnered with five insurance companies including Prudential, Allianz Life. Haladoc is, therefore, a complete online healthcare platform.

Halodoc completes strategic funding round, as it continues to expand its portfolio of services

The mobile platform provides patients real-time access to doctors and delivers pharmacy across 50 cities and offers home lab services. The system helps users to benefit from easy accessibility, affordability and reliable healthcare services. On average, it serves 7 million patients per month throughout Indonesia with 80% of patients residing outside the main cities of Jakarta and Surabaya.

Recently, it has secured additional funding from strategic investors including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Allianz X and Prudential. The funds will help Haladoc commitment to simplify healthcare through technology in Indonesia. With this, Haladoc has raised close to USD100 million (around IDR1.4 Trillion).

Halodoc offers teleconsultation with healthcare professionals and pharmacy deliveries

For Allianz, the partnership helps in strengthening its  24×7 Digital Healthcare services and expand its Health Ecosystem which complements its range of health services and healthcare provider network.

Recently, Halodoc and Prudential entered into a strategic partnership to help the insurer deliver digital solutions and make healthcare solutions which are affordable and accessible. Halodoc’s telemedicine services will form part of Prudential’s digital platform that will soon launch in Indonesia.  Consumers will be able to consult with doctors online, purchase and arrange delivery of their prescriptions, book laboratory tests, get a second opinion from other physicians, and schedule appointments at hospitals within the PRUmedical Network – all on one mobile app.

“As an online healthcare application with a mission to simplify healthcare, these strategic partnerships will help improve the quality and number of healthcare options available to Indonesians living outside major cities, particularly outside of Java where healthcare infrastructure is less established. Halodoc aims to learn from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s long-established track record of working with partners to deliver best practice healthcare solutions and improving quality of life around the world,” said Jonathan Sudharta, CEO Halodoc.

Reported Benefits

Benefits to Customers:

  • Innovation
  • Product customization
  • Improved customer experience
  • Less processing time and costs
  • Easy accessibility
  • 24/7
  • Paperless and cashless transactions

Benefit to the Insurer:

  • Innovation
  • Wider Reach across SMEs
  • Competitive advantage
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Less processing time and costs

The Digital Insurer's View

Changing consumer lifestyle and technology trends has a wide range of impact in the health management industry.

Consumers are looking for more innovative products and solutions. They are looking for affordable health management solutions in addition to improved financial security. Currently there is a huge gap in the insurance industry solutions and healthcare providers causing many consumers stuck in endless time-consuming processes.

Companies like Halodoc are revolutionizing the healthcare system by offering affordable and accessible healthcare solutions to not only urban areas but also to rural areas. Halodoc is bound to break many records alongside the geographic barriers.


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