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Diabetes management devices


Diabetes management devices

The prevalence of chronic, non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cardio-vascular disease is being exhasperated by modern lifestyles. However, the fact that 80% of treatment costs can be prevented by proper management is often overlooked. Additionally, the ability to relive the daily burden of being a diabetic is being bolstered by the increasing availability of precision hardware and A.I driven preventative healthcare APPs that have emerged.

One of these is Beijing based Dnurse who has not only developed the most widely used diabetes app in China with 800,000 users, but is also providing dozens of international diabetes management services with insulin dosage trackers, blood glucose meters, and real time analysis for end users across Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.

Although Dnurse is best known for its marriage of a traditional blood glucose meter with an AI based recommendation engine that warns diabetics of complications in advance, it has also developed a host of white label medical devices that are used by health insurers, pharmaceuticals, mulit-nationals and health / wellness startups to enable preventative healthcare in a way that software alone cannot.

Dnurse devices currently include:

1. InsulinkTM; 

Although there are dozens of insulin pens on the market, the majority of these do not provide Integration with insulin pens and none provide an instantaneous recording of dosages. The Dnurse Insulink automatically records dosage data before adding this data to blood glucose records and daily habits to advise diabetics in real time.

Key Features of InsulinKTM:

  1. Data is automatically uploaded to the Dnurse cloud via blue tooth.
  2. Insulink utilizes audio processing, speech recognition and noise recognition to record insulin dosages in real time.
  3. Compatible with third party insulin pens including Novartis Nordisk series.

All of this makes the Dnurse InsulinKTM suitable for mass market distribution with a $7 retail price and an ultra-efficient lithium battery with automatic wake-up. When coupled with a health/wellness app, the Dnurse blood glucose meter has achieved a 69% control rate of adequate blood glucose level, double the industry average.

2. Mobile Glucose Meter:

The Dnurse smart glucometer includes TRIPLE WELL anti-interference capabilities and a wide range of hematocrit suitable for neonatal and gestational diabetes. Additionally, Dnurse APPs remind and supervise patients, and transfer information to family and doctors.

Dnurse currently manufacturs two glucose meters that are used by several diabetes management platforms globally including Beato in India, DexaMEdica in Indonasia, and Baobab Circle in the U.K.

Dnurse has also developed a standalone glucose meter that operates independently of a smartphone – the Dnurse He.

3. Multi-parameter monitor

In addition to the handheld diabetic devices, Dnurse has also designed a full spectrum diabetic management monitor that is distributed to pharmacies and provides a range of health metrics for undiagnosed diabetics includes blood pressure, blood glucose, blood oxegen and ECG monitoring.


Ultimately, modern lifestyles, in addition to excessive intake of sugar have exasperated the rate of chronic disease contraction. For those that require daily treatment such as diabetics, Dnurse represents the only closed loop diabetes management app from blood glucose and insulin dosage monitoring to real time notifications.

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