Corporate Membership

Operating at the intersection of structured and unstructured learning, Corporate Membership helps Insurers / Reinsurers structure and execute their digital transformation programmes more effectively, and helps Tech / Service Providers support and enguage more Insurer / Reinsurer clients, more quickly, along the way.

Corporate Membership

Digital Transformation Support

Unique, high-impact tailored membership support for:

01. Insurers / Reinsurers Who:

02. Tech / Service Providers Who:


Tailored Services:

Partnerships for Life:

Digital Transformation Support for Corporate Members

Our tailored 1-3 year DTS Corporate Membership programmes are comprised of a blend of inclusive and optional services – some of these services are available to all, whilst others are typically more suited to the needs of Insurers & Reinsurers and Tech & Service Providers respectively.

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